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Friday, July 24, 2009

How To Institute Real Change In America

So, how do we get real change in America? We thought by electing the first African American male to the White House, we would begin to change the way America is and is viewed by the world. I don't think that's how it will happen.

After giving the subject much thought, I have come to the conclusion that We The People are the only thing that will bring true change to the nation. Here's some of my ideas that will help the transformation begin:

1. Save more, spend less. As the largest consumer economy on the planet, this one step will reshape the entire world. It will help with all the other big ticket problems like global warming, resource depletion, criminal behavior on Wall Street, etc.

2. Stop talking and start listening. We are all an expert on one thing or another, just read the blogs and watch the tube. If you have something to share, make sure it's of some value before you throw it out.

3. Get involved in your community, state, country. Educate yourself on the issues and vote. Support candidates that reflect your views. Run for office yourself if you're passionate about something. Quit bitching and start acting.

4. If you have kids, stay involved in their lives. Show them what you believe in. If you don't have them, find one that needs direction through Big Brothers, Big Sisters or any other support organization you can find. Our youth is our future. Don't ignore it.

There are many other things that can be done to bring about real change in America. Feel free to add your ideas to the comments.

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