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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Both Copenhagen and the EPA Rely on Lost or Destroyed Climate Data - By Newt Gingrich

And it gets even worse.

In making its announcement this week that greenhouse gases will be regulated by the government under the Clean Air Act – raising the costs of virtually every aspect of life in the United States – the Obama Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also relied on the mysteriously-gone-missing data of the Climate Research Unit.

It’s little wonder then, that Americans are increasingly not buying the alarmism. Polls show a dramatic decline in public belief that global warming is a serious problem.

If President Obama and the Democratic Congress are sincere in their belief that human activity is changing our environment, they will work to restore the public trust in the science they claim underlies this belief.

Before anyone goes to Copenhagan, before any EPA ruling is implemented, and before cap and trade is voted on in the Senate, the Democrats who control Washington must open a full scale investigation into bias and politicization in the climate change community.