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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Time To Take Back The Argument

Words mean things.

It seems like a tedious, never-ending task…but make the Lefties do it; make them define and refinetheir terms. It’s obnoxious, but play dumb, as if you truly don’t know what they’re talking about. It’ll drive them nuts…but it will force them out of the clouds, it will force them to get specific. And clarity is a good thing.

It is my firm belief that if we bring the Left out of the generalized fog of euphemism, innuendo and non-specificity, and force them to clearly illuminate their positions…the voters will reject them. So many Americans right now are wishing they’d pursued this line of inquiry last year. “What do you mean by ‘hope and change’? Hope for what, specifically? And you want to change this country? What kind of change …specifically?”

The words we use are important. Words can clarify and elucidate. Or they can just as easily distort and obfuscate. To seek the former is to come out into the bright warm sunlight. And to flush out the latter is to send the socialist cockroaches scurrying for cover.