Quote Of The Day

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Exclusive Photos Taken In Various Washington, DC WalMarts

The 7th edition of people of Washington, DC's Walmart.... 

I think that triangle is a scratch-n-sniff. Go on, try it. She may be a lobbyist for the fashion industry.


It's Valentine's Day in DC! Actually, these are congressional staffers for Rep. Barney Frank.


Well, if you are going to camp out and squat someplace, then right by the cash register
seems smart. Probably an employee of Treasury.


How much attention do you possibly crave that you feel the need to attach 3 air-horns to the top
of a bike helmet? Honestly,  Somebody please get this man's mother and have her hug him for
once! An upper level manager from TSA, no doubt.


Why are all these guys following me everywhere? I don't give autographs.


Oh!! It looks like Pirates of the Caribbean went horribly, horribly wrong! 

Not even close to a treasure!  Just take what you want and leave us all alone!


I appreciate the effort in trying to add some flare to your matching gray sweats combo,
but it was probably better without the port holes and the stringy fringe balls that a cat
wouldn't even play with.


If you start at the bottom and slowly work your way up, you will literally
forget its a dude every time and shock yourself over and over again!


If Mary here asks if you want to see the little lamb,run. Working at the State Dept. must be stressful,


I feel like Ive seen this guy in every WalMart in DC. Maybe he's with Secret Service?


I have to assume those paw prints are actually some animal she swallowed whole trying
to fight its way out. I hope she's not working for Homeland Security.


It looks like one of those Bratz dolls came to life! She's a staffer for someone in the California delegation.


Big Bird, you are doing an absolutely horrible job of trying to cover up and hide!


Since we stopped going to the moon............NASA!


That is one tall drink of water! Maybe it's a relative of Janet Reno!


Its unfortunate that the one strap that is actually working is the one keeping your hair in place.


So, this is either a cross-dressing nautical enthusiast or.............someone from the IRS.


You just have to love this package. Assistant to the Attorney General.

I feel that people just don't know me. And are quick to judge who I am.


Is there any other way to pick the best toy? You may say wearing a shirt
would help, but I think not. Is this Karl Rove? No....

I hope you enjoyed your visit to the WalMarts in our nation's capitol.