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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Don't Mess With Texas

NEWSWEEK cover is Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his 'hard-right turn,' by Evan Thomas and Arian Campo-Flores: 'Could Perry be the second coming of Ronald Reagan, the plain-spoken man from the West who presided over a new 'Morning in America' by cutting taxes, reducing government (well, promising to), and standing tall against the nation's enemies? As the tea-party movement gains momentum, as more Americans are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore, Perry is their kind of hero, an avatar of a lost age

You Want A Black Man In The White House? How About This One?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We're Killing Too Many And Not Capturing Them

MARC A. THIESSEN is on National Review Online with a 5,600-word rebuttal to Jane Mayer's 2,600-word review of his book, 'Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack': 'Jane Mayer may have done a service to future generations of public servants. The week her article appeared in The New Yorker, former CIA director Mike Hayden handed it out in his class at George Mason University's School of Public Policy as an example of all that is wrong with intelligence journalism today. ... Many books have been written explaining the intelligence failures that led to 9/11 (including the 9/11 Commission Report, which relied heavily on the interrogation reports of CIA detainees). The purpose of my book is not to rehash this history, but to explain what the CIA did about it - how the agency began to capture and detain senior al-Qaeda leaders, starting with Abu Zubaydah, and fill in those gaps in our knowledge. Information from CIA detainees led directly to the capture of dozens of terrorist operatives ... and the 14 members of a previously unknown cell (the Ghuraba Cell) that was hiding out in Karachi. The capture of these dangerous terrorists led to the disruption of terrorist attacks they were planning.' Thiessen ...Mayer

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Neighbor Is Planning To Move

Ralph, my neighbor, is a "lefty" of sorts (Obama bumper stickers, 
 gung-ho socialized medicine, "guns should be banned", etc.).   
 So last week I put this sign up in my yard after one of his anti-gun 
 rants at a neighborhood cocktail party.  The sign wasn't up more 
 than an hour before he called the police and wanted them to make 
 me take down the sign.   
 Fortunately, the officer politely informed him that it was not their job to 
 take such action without a court order and that he had to file a 
 complaint "downtown" first, which would be reviewed by the city 
 attorney to see if it violated any city, county, or state ordinances, 
 which if there were a violation a court order would be sent to the 
 offending party (me) to "remove the sign in seven days".  
 After several weeks he was informed that the sign was legal (by a 
 quarter of an inch) and there was nothing the city could do, which 
 obviously made him madder.  I tried to smooth things over
 by inviting him to go shooting with me and my friends at the hunt club 
 but that seemed to make him even more angry.   
 I then asked him if he wanted to go to a Tea Party rally but again he 
 declined my outreach efforts to bring about a better understanding 
 between political and social opponents.
 I am at a loss how to reconcile our long relationship (notice I did not 
 say friendship), any suggestions would be welcome.
 Anyway, that's life in our neck of the woods, how's about yours?  


Here's A Good Place To Start Saving Tax Dollars - Get Out Of The UN

Glad this one included the Snopes site so I didn't have to go far to check it out before sharing it with you. It is not only the Arab states but most of the world? Serious food for thought?! http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/outrage/unvote.asp

How they vote in the United Nations:
Below are the actual voting records of various Arabic/Islamic States which are recorded in both the US State Department and United Nations records:

Kuwait votes against the United States 67% of the time
Qatar votes against the United States 67% of the time
Morocco votes against the United States 70% of the time
United Arab Emirates votes against the U. S. 70% of the time.
Jordan votes against the United States 71% of the time.
Tunisia votes against the United States 71% of the time.
Saudi Arabia votes against the United States 73% of the time.
Yemen votes against the United States 74% of the time.
Algeria votes against the United States 74% of the time.
Oman votes against the United States 74% of the time.

Sudan votes
against the United States 75% of the time.
Pakistan votes against the United States 75% of the time.


Egypt votes against the United States 79% of the time.


India votes against the United States 81% of the time.
Syria votes against the United States 84% of the time.
Mauritania votes against the United States 87% of the time.

U S Foreign Aid to those that hate us:
Egypt, for example, after voting 79% of the time against the United States, still receives $2 billion annually in US Foreign Aid.

Jordan votes 71% against the United States
And receives $192,814,000 annually in US Foreign Aid.

Pakistan votes 75% against the United States
Receives $6,721,000 annually in US Foreign Aid.

India votes 81% against the United States
Receives $143,699,000 annually.



Perhaps it is time to stop this and give the tax savings back to the American workers who are having to skimp and sacrifice to pay the taxes (and gasoline).
Pass this along to every taxpaying citizen you know.
Disgusting isn't it?