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Friday, January 14, 2011

California - Idaho Diversity Guide

Many people from California have chosen Idaho as their new home. As California collapses financially and morally, they are escaping to a more simple and predictable lifestyle. We have created this "diversity guide" to assist those who are adapting to the Idaho life. We hope it will minimize the need to physically abuse our new neighbors from California.

`correct a wise man and you gain a friend... correct a fool and he'll bloody your nose'

In CaliforniaIn Idaho
Diverse or Lifestyle ChoiceSinful and Perverted
Arsenal of WeaponsGun Collection
Delicate WetlandsSwampland
Undocumented WorkerIllegal Alien
Cruelty-Free MaterialsSynthetic Fiber
Assault and BatteryAttitude Adjustment
Heavily ArmedWell-protected
Taxes or Your Fair ShareCoerced Theft
Commonsense Gun ControlGun Confiscation Plot
Illegal Hazardous ExplosivesFireworks or Stump Removal
Nonviable Tissue MassUnborn Baby
Equal Access to OpportunitySocialism
Multicultural CommunityHigh Crime Area
Fairness or Social ProgressMarxism
Upper Class or "The Rich"Self-Employed
Progressive, ChangeBig Government Scheme
Homeless or DisadvantagedBums or Welfare Leeches
Sniper RifleScoped Deer Rifle
Investment For the FutureHigher Taxes
Healthcare ReformSocialized Medicine
Extremist, Judgmental, or HaterConservative
Victim or OppressedCriminal or Lazy Good-For-Nothing
High Capacity MagazineStandard Capacity Magazine
Religious ZealotChurch-going
Reintroduced WolvesSheep and Elk Killers
Fair Trade CoffeeOverpriced Yuppie Coffee
Exploiters or "The Rich"Employed or Land Owner
The Gun LobbyNRA Members
Assault WeaponSemi-Auto (Grandpa's M1 Carbine)
Fiscal StimulusNew Taxes and Higher Taxes
Same Sex MarriageLegalized Perversion
Mandated Eco-Friendly LightingChinese Mercury-Laden Light Bulbs