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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Contract Driver Services, Safety & Consulting

In my long career as a commercial driver, I have experienced many situations that I have had to deal with from wrong way drivers to trucking strikes that I chose not to participate in. Each situation was unique and even though I didn't always resolve them in a perfect way, the lessons I learned were valuable and helped me earn a good living on the road and stay safe.

Upon retirement, I decided to offer my years of experience on a contract basis to companies and individuals who are competing in the trucking industry. I can provide a series of video lectures on multiple subjects that affect the trucking industry. I am available as a contract driver for short periods and to assist in the transfer of commercial verticals and RV's.

I am available to provide consulting and advice to brokerage managers, sales executives, fleet managers, and safety directors as well as single owner/operators at your location or via the Internet.

My rates are affordable and I pay my own travel & lodging expenses.

I am also offering RV transporting and relocation services to dealers and individuals.